The fact that you're here, makes me so incredibly happy! Getting the opportunity to serve you and your sweetie, seriously gives me so much life! From this point on, my goal is to be more than just your photographer. We are going to walk through this journey together, leaving you with memories that perfectly capture your love. Get ready to work with someone who is going to champion you, create a space for you to be your truest self and be your biggest hype girl. 

Having you in front of my camera is honestly a dream come true. For as long as I can remember, I dreamed of having a career that allowed me to create, love on others and hear their stories. Up to this point, I worked at least ten different jobs, searching for one with those specific qualities. The moment I realized who I genuinely am and what I desire, was when everything changed. I started saying yes to doing what made my soul shine, took my passions seriously and turned them into a career! Now I get to do what I love the most! 





you with


The girl behind the camera

Learn all about the experience and what to expect when you hire me as your photographer

"There are few things that inspire and excite me more than photography!"

My photography approach is a blend of fun interactive movement with the iconic poses you know and love. You’re going to be guided the entire time but also have freedom to just enjoy the moment! I love providing you with the best date night or an easy going hang out. All you have to do is show up as your truest self, enjoy your best friend and let me do the rest!

Your session and wedding day are all about you! For your photos to show that unique beauty, my goal is for you to have an effortlessly amazing time!

“Every wedding, every session, I see the world through a whole new lens. Your story will be completely different from the last, and this ignites my passion all over again.”

I am constantly inspired by the people around me. Learning all about who you are, what makes you laugh, even your little quirks, will all help to piece together your unique story.

My photography shooting style is a blend of both candid and softly styled moments to help create a comfortable space for you to shine.

I'm always on the hunt for soft and glowy light and have a love natural and warm tones. You will see this vibe throughout my work and will notice it pairs perfectly with the fun, romantic and lighthearted mood in each photo.

I'm here to capture every single moment without missing a beat

From the moment I arrive, I'll be your number one supporter and fan. I'm here to make sure nothing is overlooked and every moment is captured! Need your dress fluffed or a tissue to dap the quick tears? I'm your girl. 

Not only will you be welcomed with a huge hug and a quick fan girl moment over your beauty, but I'll be buzzing with energy to capture one of the most important, memorable days of your life!

Wait, you may have just found your new best friend...

But truly...

If you couldn't tell by now, I'm already obsessed with you and your stories. But even more than helping you tell them, I am so pumped to get to meet and hang out with you! I absolutely love making new relationships and truly thrive off of cultivating relationships.

When you find me (rarely) without a camera in hand, you can catch me at any and all coffee shops. Being an enneagram 7 (hello the enthusiast), means I'm also always planning or attending the latest adventure. Give me a back road drive with the windows down and music flowing through the space, and I'm at peace. 

But as much as I love seeing the world, I actually enjoy being at home snuggling my sweet man and pups just as much! Ultimately, my home is with them and I'm forever thankful for that!

Photos that are organic, fun and full of life







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CA, Santa Cruz

KY, Lexington

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No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.