Bri and Clay are two of the most genuine souls you will ever meet! They have a way of making anyone around them feel loved, seen and cared for. Which is why I feel so blessed to have been a part of their love story! From their precious proposal overlooking the beautiful Kentucky rolling hills. To their sunset adventure engagement session. I have had the privilege of witnessing their love through each beautiful stage!
At their engagement session, Clay told me how he knew Bri would be his wife, before she even knew who he was. The two of them were at their Christian Student Fellowship group at the University of Kentucky, on opposite ends of the room when Clay first saw Bri. Although she pretended not to see him, she admitted that she was definitely checking him out too! He says that he immediately knew she was the one!
Fast forward to their wedding day, every single detail was as perfect as you would imagine! Clay was the third person in his family to get married on his parent’s land. So seeing him (the baby of the three siblings), say “I do” on the same porch steps as his older sisters was everything! Truly, each aspect of their day was full of intention! From the prayers, to the gifts, the moment Bri and Clay said yes to forever together, and the night of dancing… it was all just magical!
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